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As you all know, April 21st, Record Store Day, is indie music's big day out. Here is a wee taster of what will be on offer from us, available from a retailer near you...

City Slang Exclusive RSD Releases:

Tindersticks - "Medicine" 10"

Tu Fawning - "Anchor (Hauschka Remix)" 7"

Get Well Soon / Dear Reader - "You Cannot Cast Out The Demons (You Might As Well Dance)" / "She's Hers He's His I'm Mine" Split 7" (Picture Disc)

"2B2" is one of Lambchop’s magnificent musical moments on their triumphant return, Mr. M.  Zack Spiger, who also single-handedly shot the highly acclaimed video for "Gone Tomorrow", took it upon himself to visualize this song as well...

However, he’s following a different path with this one. "2B2", the video, captures intimate moments of the band's recent European tour. We’re following Kurt Wagner and his cohorts through the calm moments before the shows, onto the stage, up to the finale and the peaceful moments afterwards.

Parts of the footage taken with support from:

Ce soir (ou jamais !) | France 3 / MFP - réalisation : Nicolas Ferraro

& Les Affranchis / France Inter / Radio France

A Tu Fawning video, foreboding, timeless, brooding, ominous, beautiful? Surely not...

...and yet, here they are again with another entirely unique bit of musical cinema. Let yourself be swept away by "Anchor"...

And download the track here: