Continuing Swim's water-music themed imagery, the new video for Caribou's 'Jamelia' is a misty-grey collage of seashore images.

In true Caribou style, it is as understated as it is complexly beautiful; at points it is uncertain if we are observing the rhythmical movements of Dan Snaith's moist muses from above or below the surface. The highlight of this tripped-out clip is the soaring of an eagle at the song's climax, set perfectly to the music - another beautiful addition to the breathtaking Swim collection...


Director: Nic Brown

Editor: Nic Brown

Featuring: Victoria Street and Aaron Dickinson

Producers: Nic Brown, Stephen James and Christina Larabie

Production Company: Video Marsh

Last April, Caribou challenged their fans to a remix contest. They shared the parts of “Sun” from their latest release Swim and waited to see what would happen.The winner was an enthusiastic artist named Altrice who gradually remixed the whole album and called his project Stem.

“For me Altrice’s entry stood out quite a distance from all the others. His version of the track was focused and distinctive – dramatically different from the original and the other remixes we received,” Caribou’s Dan Snaith said. “Altrice’s music is beautifully simple – focusing on only a handful of elements but ingeniously reinventing them to make each song very much his own. It’s this confidence that makes Stem so coherent – it doesn’t sound like an album of remixes but an album in it’s own right. The best possible outcome of the remix contest was to discover someone unknown to me whose music moved me. That certainly happened. And then some.” Dan Snaith

Listen/Download Altrice’s Stems on SoundCloud, and if you like it, support Altrice by ordering his record on iTunes. Caribou’s Swim is available on CD, dbl-LP, and digital download in the Slangstore.

After charting #1 on last year's Resident Advisor's Staff Poll Caribou now released a mix on RA's Podcast series. Packed with 5 exclusive tracks under his alias Daphni the mix "confirms in it's own warm and deliciously lo-fi manner that Snaith is still very much enthralled by the hum and buss of electronic music" (RA)

>Read the short interview online and download the Podcast for free:

Download Caribou's Resident Advisor Podcast #246


Brant - What Is A Number, That A Man May Know It?

Daphni - Yes, I Know

The Jellies - Jive Baby On A Saturday Night

Hounds of Hate - Purple Stuff

Daphni - Deep Blue

Colored Mushroom & The Medicine Rocks - The Route To The Medicine Rocks

Daphni - Buck Dance

Harmonious Thelonious - Verwobene Muziek

Harmonious Thelonious - Mokambo

Bakey Ustl - A Tender Place

Daphni - Scratch

DJ Elmoe - Whea Yo Ghost At, Whea Yo Dead Man

Daphni - Ye Ye

Kingdom - Fogs

[Voyager overdubs]

Lone - Angel Brain

Ricardo Villalobos - Peculiar

Charanjit Singh - Raga Malkauns

DJ Clap Pina - Unakunukulpan

Thomas Mapfumo - Shumba (Daphni Edit)

Edward Larry Gordon - All Pervading