City Slang announces 20th birthday bash in Berlin. Rereleases a few classic albums, pimped up. Other than that just wants to get on with things.

We will celebrate our 20th birthday with a weekend of one time only, superspecial, massive, uberfantastische performances at Berlins most beautiful theatre.

On three successive evenings, some of the most significant and legendary bands of the record labelīs history, as well as a selection of some new artists, are marking the occassion with live performances at the beautiful and pompous venue Admiralspalast in Berlin. Tickets are available at all booking offices. There will also be the opportunity to purchase tickets for the whole weekend which are cheaper overall, but limited. The concerts are presented by Rolling Stone Magazine and Radio Eins, supported by Berlin Brands.

With teamwork steeped in history between Berlin based event organizers TRINITY and LOFT we’ve made sure that everything will be perfectly conducted and running smoothly.


Get Well Soon (will open up the proceedings)
The Notwist (performing their 2002 masterpiece “Neon Golden”, one of the most acclaimed albums of the decade)
Calexico (performing their 2003 classic “Feast Of Wire” (and surely its limited edition bonus tracks…:-)


Menomena (will premier songs of their incredible new album Mines amongst others)
Tortoise (will play selections from their first three albums (the City Slang years)
Broken Social Scene (will do what they do best: blow us away with heart and forgiveness)
(Purchase of a ticket to Saturday night's show gets you half-price entry to our After Show Party)

*** "Kraut & Raven" After Show Party @ Cookies with Erol Alkan, Trevor Jackson, Ewan Pearson and many more!!

Alexi Murdoch (will have some explaining to do as to why City Slang wanted to work with him more than Sam Mendes)
Yo La Tengo (will be a four-piece (w/ Dave Schramm) for the occasion and play a ”City Slang centric” set)
Lambchop (will perfom that greatest of all Sunday night albums: “Is A Woman”)

(Includes free entry to our "Kraut & Raven" Aftershow Party)

To coincide with the above event weekend, City Slang will rerelease some of its rather fine albums on November 15 and on November 29 in limited edition superdeluxe CD and Vinyl versions.

Amongst those will be:

Feast Of Wire (9 bonus tracks) Deluxe 2CD + LP
Hot Rail (12 bonus tracks) Deluxe 2CD + 2LP

The Notwist:
Neon Golden (plus bonus DVD of full 90 minute documentary etc.) CD&DVD + LP


Is A Woman (w/ 16 bonus tracks) Deluxe 2CD + 2LP
Nixon (w/ full concert RFH DVD) CD&DVD + LP
Tour Box (limited to 1.000 it contains 8 Tour CDs and 2 Live DVDs) 8CD +2DVD


        Notwist - Neon Golden             Calexico - Feast Of Wire                  Calexico - Hot Rail
      Release: November 5              Release: November 5                 Release: November 5      
       Format: CD&DVD + LP
                  Format: Deluxe 2CD + 2LP        Format: Deluxe 2CD + 2LP

          Lambchop - Nixon                     Lambchop - Is A Woman             Lambchop - Tourbox
      Release: November 5                Release: November 5                Release: November 5     
         Format: CD&DVD + LP
                 Format: Deluxe2CD + 2LP         Format: 8CD + 2DVD